Stage outfits

As a creative person Mika loves using unique, colourful details in his stage outfits. Even his white shirts have often special details in the collar, hem or cuffs and there's often something small colourful added. It can be an embroidered belt, a feather hat, a colourful necklace designed by his sister. Mika's mother was known for her sense of style and early years many beautiful outfits were designed and often even handmade by her. These days Mika works with his sister and the result is still stunning. I'm never tired of admiring his stage outfits and always try to take photos and look and remember the details later.

Many times Mika appears on stage wearing one of his colourful and detailed, even glittery jackets with slim black trousers or a suit that can be either dark or bright colour. First three songs he's extremely focused. He observes and learns to know his audience and moves in a sharp way to introduce himself to the crowd and to pose to the photographers. After a few songs the photographers are gone and it's time to start the gig properly. It's warm under the stage lights so he takes off his jacket to perform in trousers and a shirt and this is the moment and the look I love most. There's something symbolic to feel the gig energy and to see how stunningly elegant Mika looks in his dark trousers and usually a white shirt. No matter how many times I've seen him on stage that way it always surprises me to look at his figure and think "wow he's so tall" and "wow those legs are so incredibly long" and they really are.

He has often a couple of different jackets waiting for different songs but usually it's too warm to wear them all the time and even if he's wearing just trousers and a shirt it can be too much and at some point he stops and starts rolling his sleeves. It's mostly because of the temperature but again, there's something symbolic in the moment. At that point we all know the gig is going well and that the mood is exactly as it should be. He takes a moment with his sleeves, breaths and chats a few words to the audience and the gig can go on. 

During festivals it's typical to see Mika wearing black or white jeans and a t-shirt. Personally I love white t-shirts, they are basic, relaxed and classy at the same time. Occasionally we see a t-shirt in the end of any gig. If there's a moment before the encore it's comfortable to change a dry shirt. Sometimes it comes to my mind he should have different statement shirts to use in the very end of festival gigs just before leaving the stage to tell a message to his audience. It would be fun to wait what he wants to say each time. 

Mika is naturally elegant so gentleman style details fit him particularly well. We saw vests and braces during the Imaginarium Tour (2010) and later during summer festivals (2012) full vintage style suits. If the look is vintage or even historical (like Marie Antoinette in 2011) everyone on stage is usually wearing the same style. Whatever the look, the band follows Mika's style in a way that still makes him stand out. It's important that the audience can easily spot him even further away. After gentleman style Mika moved on to a fancier look and custom made design suits which were often decorated with special Mika style details like a letter M or hearts with wings or even lyrics from his songs (2015-16). Custom made suits were connected to his television career and it has became a small tradition he reveals his look before starting a live show on Italian or French television.  

During the Revelation Tour (2019-20) everything was colour coded. The stage looked like a rainbow and each song had their own specific colourful lights related to the mood or emotion. Mika was wearing different coloured suits for each gig, we saw different blues, red, pink, even yellow. Under the suit he had a white or dotted ruffle shirt and I might have mentioned once or twice those shirts were my absolute favourites. I can't explain, they just looked so pretty, even feminine, and so royal, almost fairytale style. For the same reason I absolutely loved his Versailles outfit with a dark velvet jacket and a big off-white ruffle collar.

It's always cozy to see Mika barefoot on stage. However, in the early days during one of his North American shows (2009) he hurt his ankle not wearing shoes so for safety reasons it's important he's using proper shoes during gigs. Louboutins are his signature style. With a dark suit the shoes are obviously fancy but with other outfits they can be even sneakers as long as they are comfortable enough to jump and dance. 

My own personal favourites are always the simple ones like dark slim trousers and simple shirts. Maybe because Mika carries clothes so beautifully, maybe because as a short person I'm easy to impress with a tall, elegant figure but also because the simple combination is related to the best part of the gig when the energy is reaching the highest point and everything unnecessary like jackets or accessories is taken off not to disturb the performing. However, I love the whole concept behind the outfits. There's a lot of thought behind and the outfits are a part of creative expression. Mika considers his stage clothes carefully. He plans the outfits together with his family, takes influences from different cultures, discusses with the designers who have become his friends. With all that it's a full and carefully planned concept. 

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