Reims Arena in Reims, France 12/3/2024

The gig in Reims was already the 8th gig of the Apocalypse Calypso Tour and the show we saw was actually quite different compared to the previous ones and that made me think of how much shows evolve seen from the first show of the tour until the last one. This kind of process happens during every tour and I always find the first gig of the tour a particularly interesting and important starting point. However, the special nature of the occasion doesn’t come from me seeing the show for the first time even though that is obviously exciting as well. It comes from Mika performing the show for the first time which always gives the event a special and unique tone. For me the best is always coming next and each concert that comes after the first one gives a new and fresh point of view or takes my thoughts only deeper in different parts of the show (songs, show elements and references).

If I can’t make it to the first gig of the tour I’m eager to hear every single detail so the silence we went through in the beginning of this tour not sharing or talking about our experiences didn’t make total sense to me even though I of course did my best following it since that was asked from the audience and I tried to think I was protecting the special “beginning of the tour atmosphere” and that it wasn’t just business thinking. I always assume the worst from the music industry, there’s always the financial aspect, but I know Mika is that one artist who always gives priority to creativity and his own standards and ambitions. When I watch this new tour I can see how much work is put in everything: the new album, designing the outfits and show elements, creating the animations and I feel that paying attention to every single detail is appreciating that value and effort and each night I see something I hadn’t earlier noticed.

It’s a part of the charm of watching many shows to see that each show is somehow unique and many small details are added or changed. At the same it’s hard for me to let the most beautiful things go. Mika is driven by change. For him the change itself is always more important than the result of it and whether it’s for good or bad. For me even the smallest changes in life are difficult and I feel they “break” something and I need to put the pieces back together. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not, however, it’s always consuming. For that reason I at the same time both look forward to and fear seeing my favourite things changing. 

In Reims I noticed that several of my favourite details were removed from the show and I blamed myself for being too attached and fond of show elements. They are supposed to change to make the show different. There was no more gorgeous rich yellow suit in Feels Like Fire. No more fantastic blue bird outfit that was my favourite detail in the whole show. No special ending for Happy Ending. Of course, instead we got a deep blue suit and two new glittery outfits and compared to the beginning of tour there’s much more talking to/with the audience. Everything is in French and I can’t understand enough but in Reims I had the absolutely perfect view and I could see every little detail and didn’t mind not understanding the long talks at all. 

The latest glittery outfit for Love Today is probably my favourite glittery suit and I wonder if it’s uncomfortable and quite heavy like glittery suits often are because of the material. The colour is a bit darker metallic tone and looks absolutely beautiful against colourful backgrounds. I was looking forward to seeing the feather outfit and not seeing it took me a little bit “out of balance” so I can’t remember the ending of the gig well and I’m happy to have a few photos to go through that moment again and to see how beautiful the colours looked together. To be honest, after seeing many shows the details and their timing and order can mix in my memory.

After several changes I was holding my breath in the end and a little bit worried there wouldn’t be Any Other World which is such a big highlight for me but luckily it was still there and the moment was as stunning as it has been each night. So powerful. After that we of course saw the familiar flower patterns in the very end, the backgrounds have been among my favourites since I saw them for the first time at Coachella two years ago. I particularly love the moments in several songs where we can see only the figure against the screen, looks magical!

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