Zenith Rouen in Rouen, France 4/3/2024

At the fourth gig of the tour in Rouen it was already easier to observe more details and point my own favourites. The Apocalypse Calypso show is the full two hours long and has approximately 20 songs. The songs are grouped in smaller groups with different outfits and colour combinations, and each song has its own background with details. Also, some chosen songs have huge stage elements like the birdcage, the wing piano, the Apocalypse sign and the rainbow. There are numerous beautiful little details and intros between the songs and it’s safe to say this show is an overwhelming mix of music, animations, elements and colours, it’s simply impossible to watch it only once and observe everything and for that reason my favourite part of the whole process is to start with the first show and then see it again and again to be able to register and remember different parts and to choose my own favourites. There are so many of them. I’m using some photos from Rouen to give some examples (and will do the same in my Rennes summary).

I’m starting with the photos of Mika in his red suit and the band members in their pink. I rarely like red or pink other than in flowers but on stage they can look great and I particularly like the combination of red and pink, it reminds me of mixing roses in these colours and feels fresh and flowery and the band’s pink outfits go beautifully with the final flower scene. Also, I think that the band’s location is very thoughtfully done. The musicians have their own important part and meaning but in a considered way and never taking the spotlight from Mika which I find hugely important. The new pianist smiles while playing and gives positive vibes and the drums have new rainbow lights but at this point I only have these example photos.

The photo above is taken during Underwater but the same rich yellow suit is already in Feels Like Fire which is one of my favourite songs on the setlist. I absolutely love this song. At home I listen to the orchestra version and would love to hear the pure Mika version in symphonic circumstances or at smaller gigs but I like the duet version as well and think it’s suitable for arena venues. There’s a gorgeous, colourful video on the background combined with backing tracks and of course I would love to hear more Mika’s live voice but I guess they wanted to use the duet recording. I think it’s the whole combination of everything - the song and its mood, the performing, the video, the colours on the background and the suit - that makes the song feel like a tiny show inside of the big show and it becomes a really great detail. 

The Club Apocalypso sign comes down from ceiling during C’est la vie and the song is a big audience favourite and my own favourite as well like practically every song from the new album. It’s been a huge, huge pleasure to see how well the crowd takes all the new French songs and I love each performance as well. The only song that has been searching its form is Moi, Andy et Paris and that has definitely nothing to do with Mika’s performance but is simply because the audience screams along instead of singing along and the song becomes a chaotic mix of sounds. This way Rouen was an exception and Moi, Andy et Paris became my favourite version of the song at this point of the tour. I wish the screaming could be turned to singing or maybe the song could be saved for smaller gigs. I find Moi, Andy et Paris the loveliest song on the album and would just love to see its value protected.

During the Rouen gig something unusual happened and I was on stage during Elle Me Dit! It is quite usual Mika asks someone from the audience on stage during a concert, it can be during Underwater or Elle Me Dit, however me being there was obviously totally unexpected. The small episode was a little bit terrifying when it happened, I’m not used to be in the centre of attention at all, but it feels really nice afterwards. Of course it does. It feels nice he wanted me there. I love his stage so much and now I could visit it and it really is very heartwarming. 

Above a few more photos of the blue Love Today bird suit which is a piece of art more than a stage outfit, a part of very special performance. Any Other World before the final We Are Golden was once again stunning experience and becoming my very favourite part of the show. The photos below are from the very end of the show.

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