Le Summum in Grenoble, France 18/3/2024

It feels complicated to choose my words about the gig we saw in Grenoble, it felt since the beginning a bit different than a couple of previous gigs in Dijon and Annecy. The atmosphere was a bit more reserved and the interaction with different parts of the crowd seemed quite planned. There were clearly also some stress elements and pressure in the air, the show wasn’t as relaxed and spontaneous as the previous ones. Despite of that we got some really special versions of several songs and somehow the atmosphere during songs like Jane Birkin and Moi, Andy et Paris which contain singing along with the audience became particularly warm and lovely and I enjoyed the result a lot. We heard also absolutely beautiful version of Happy Ending with a specially pretty ending and Any Other World had once againg strong and powerful atmosphere. As a conclusion, maybe there was a bit more “work” or planning behind the performance and interaction with the crowd but as a result we got some wonderful details and the songs that are done together with the audience evolved one more step. One of my personal favourite detail was the rich yellow suit that is definitely one of the outfit highlights of the tour so I’m adding here a few photos of it.

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