L’amphitheatre in Lyon, France 19/3/2024

Just a quick few words about the show in Lyon. I ended up being seated and because the venue in Lyon is an amphitheatre it was probably the best and most suitable venue during the whole tour to do so. My seat was fourth row and I’m short but my view was still unlimited and I could see everything happening on stage. This time there was not any particular interaction with the seated area except the usual walk in the crowd during Big Girl and that didn’t happen close to my area so I didn’t see special details from my seat but I enjoyed the show a lot and was again impressed how it looked from far away. Loved songs like Underwater, C’est la vie even without the huge sign on stage and Any Other World and also all the high energy songs like Relax, Yo-Yo and Love Today even though I was in the audience alone.

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