My name is Nina and I live in Helsinki, Finland. I love traveling and the atmosphere of live concerts and festivals and I travel to see my favorite artist – singer-songwriter Mika – as often as I can. On this site I've collected my concert photos and gig and music reviews.

Mika does his every tour and show in his own, colorful and elegant style. On stage he loves to surprise. There's always something new, something exceptional. His big tours and spectacles are good examples of his theatrical side, heartwarming gigs at tiny, cozy venues show another, more intimate side. Symphony arrangements take his songs to a new level and are my personal favorites so far.

Mika's music represents the person behind it. The more I watch him, the more his message and values mean to me, whether he's giving visibility to LGBT or talking against school bullying, helping refugees or organizing worldwide concerts for charity. 

For more gig moments and videos have a look at my Instagram. Thanks for visiting my site. Nina X

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