My name is Nina and I live in Helsinki, Finland. I love traveling and the atmosphere of live concerts and festivals and I travel to see my favourite artist Mika as often as I can. After my first Mika gigs in the UK and France in 2008 I’ve seen gigs, full tours, different events and television recordings  in more than 30 countries. It’s been a beautiful journey and during years become a life style for me. 

It’s a huge privilege to follow Mika’s career and I feel passionate about documenting it. I write texts from quick adrenaline filled updates to longer, more considered concert reviews and take gig photos in different qualities with whatever is allowed me that time. On this site I share galleries of my latest photos, summaries of the past tours and my  messy gig archives since 2008. On the "Albums" you can see my description of each studio album Mika has released.

Thanks for visiting my site. For more photos, clips and regular updates have a look at my Instagram xxx Nina 

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