AFAS Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands 27/3/2024

AFAS Live, the venue in Amsterdam, is a familiar place and formerly known as Heineken Music Hall. The performance we saw there this time was absolutely great and the audience was great as well, it was warm and it was enthusiastic. We got also some new details like the opening Bougez translated in English which was a surprise. The biggest surprise was still that we didn’t hear the usual Apocalypse show and it was something I didn’t see coming at all. The setlist was not only adapted to a different audience, it was an old one and included only older songs. It had no Apocalypse Calypso but Origin, no Sweetie banana but Lollipop, no Moi, Andy et Paris but Good Guys, no 30 secondes but Billy Brown, no C’est la vie but Rain. All great songs but after releasing a new album I had assumed there would be at least some new songs at each gig and was totally surprised to realise that wasn’t the case and assumed afterwards that Amsterdam was a step on the way to the UK where the setlist was either asked or advised to keep purely in English which I found sad because it meant the new music wouldn’t be celebrated at all. Without songs like Apocalypse Calypso there’s no connection to the title theme and the whole structure of the Apocalypse show disappears. The new album and show are beautiful and extraordinary and I wish Mika could feel free to show what amazing things he has done lately and in Amsterdam that obviously wasn’t the case. The performance was still really good and the crowd took it well and I’m always happy to see Mika performing in Europe also outside France and Italy.

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