Le Dome in Marseille, France 23/3/2024

The gig in Marseille was already the 15th gig of the tour and the one just before the big show at Bercy in Paris. Doing a show at Bercy inevitably shapes the tour every single time. I know that from experience and have seen that during every tour and saw it this time as well. The full setting was tested a few times but several show elements were saved for the big show and knowing the huge event was coming in only two days after Marseille I expected we could feel it in the vibe there as well, that I would feel he was saving a bit for the upcoming huge event, but the truth is that didn’t happen. Absolutely nothing was saved. The energy Mika gave to his audience at Le Dome in Marseille was his everything for sure. I admit that I had Bercy already in my mind, I tried to think the show from his perspective, but I don’t think the average audience in Marseille felt it in the atmosphere even though it was mentioned of course.

There’s a lot I could say about the show in Marseille but I think two moments are above everything and will particularly stay in my memories. The biggest moment was definitely C’est la vie. The performance was done without the Apocalypse sign but the audience absolutely loved it and after the song suddenly started cheering and it grew and grew and didn’t stop at all and I think Mika was genuinely quite moved by the situation and I was so moved I was in tears because it was so well deserved and I felt so happy for him and so grateful to the French audience for welcoming his new French music this way. The French crowd absolutely loves his French songs and I love them as well. I really, really love these new songs and love the concept for the show and while seeing it many times I learn to know it better and better. 

I love the beginning part because it kicks off the show in such a powerful way. Bougez is a proper start, this is how things are supposed to begin. Then directly to Apocalypse Calypso to connect with the main theme which I like as a thought as well. Talk About You and Sweetie banana are good ways to get the crowd in the mood. Then my favourite parts of the show: Feels Like Fire and Underwater with singing together with audience. Then high energy with Relax an Yo-Yo and even though Relax is my favourite ever Mika songs and so dear to me, during this show I almost love Yo-Yo more. It’s a weird, weird remix version that I would never listen to at home, I listen to only the acoustic versions, but absolutely love during this show and it’s growing and growing in me. Then Jane Birkin and Moi, Andy et Paris which I both love and which are both getting better and better together with the crowd. Big Girl, Elle Me Dit and then piano with 30 secondes which I find the most elegant part of the show. Then the big hits: Grace Kelly, C’est la vie, Happy Ending with the mesmerising lovely end part, Love Today, Any Other World and finally We Are Golden. 

In Marseille it was Any Other World once again that became my favourite moment together with C’est la vie. The seriousness of the song was stunningly beautiful. What an atmosphere. Mika being such a showman there are not many really serious moments during the show and for that reason this moment becomes even more precious. 

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