Arkea Arena in Bordeaux, France 1/3/2024

The second show of the apocalypse Calypso Tour at Arkea Arena in Bordeaux was even better than the first one in Clermont-Ferrand. Naturally the show evolves and especially in the beginning of the tour and I always enjoy seeing that yet it still amazes. The show started a few minutes late and had a few tiny technical issues and genuinely said I hardly noticed that. If I want everything to be perfectly flawless I can watch official music videos at home. During a live performance, whatever happens becomes a part of the show. 

It was absolutely fantastic. The crowd responded incredibly well and in the end the whole audience was cheering and didn’t want to stop it and eventually Mika came back on stage and did a very special extra encore with Origin walking around the venue. An emotional moment. The setlist was the same as in Clermont-Ferrand (with an extra encore) and personally I felt equally impressed by everything even though had already seen the show once. A beautiful gig in every way. It will be interesting to see how the other audiences during the tour can compete with Bordeaux.

To choose one particular moment I think Any Other World in the end of show and performed in a new purple jacket and black pants the stylish water lily animation on the background must have been my very favourite moment in Bordeaux. This song is so powerful I have no words for it. I loved the outfit that gave a “dancer look” and immediately thought with strong purple colour it’s perfect for this strong song. Also, the blue and green toned bird outfit in Love Today felt if possible even more impressive than seen for the first time. Love love love this outfit! I couldn’t stop admiring and took so many photos of it.

I took a lot of snapshots to remember different details of the show. Note that the photos reveal many new tour outfits and show elements. For that reason, please share only links to the galleries and not the photos directly, thank you so much! 

Reds and pinks for Bougez, Apocalypse Calypso, Talk About You and Sweetie banana

Strong yellows for Feel Like Fire and Underwater

Silver for Relax, Yo-Yo, Jane Birkin and Andy, Moi et Paris

White, wings and the “face” and piano rainbow for Elle Me Dit, 30 secondes and Grace Kelly

The “Club Apocalypso” sign and blue for C’est la Vie and Happy Ending

The absolutely gorgeous blue bird suit for Love Today

The final flower power ending

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