Forest National in Brussels, Belgium 30/3/2024

Brussels you were absolutely fantastic!! I have no words to properly describe the night. The Belgian Apocalypse Calypso show was absolutely wonderful in every way. First of all, we got the Apocalypse Calypso setlist one more time! It made me so happy I started to jump on my place as soon as Apocalypse Calypso started because it meant there would be also songs like Jane Birkin and C’est la vie. We heard actually also Sweetie banana and even 30 secondes. Only Moi, Andy et Paris was left outside of the setlist but that wasn’t a big surprise, I kind of expected it would happen, and we got Good Guys instead. I felt the Brussels setlist was as perfect as it could be. Good Guys is one of the songs I had hoped to be added on the setlist for a while and I feel it has evolved beautifully. 

Another thing that made the night special was obviously the amazing mood. Belgian audience is widely known as the best in Europe and you have to be there to really understand what it means. The crowd was so loud I thought the singing and cheering will hurt my ears! Just seeing Mika standing there in his pyjamas and tears in his eyes looking at the crowd after Happy Ending was worth travelling to Brussels. It’s not possible to experience a crowd like Brussels every day, an extraordinary moment and something to remember for all of us.

In Brussels my personal favourites were obviously the new French songs and particularly Jane Birkin but I love songs like Underwater every single time and during this tour have enormously enjoyed also some other classics like Happy Ending and Any Other World even more than I usually do, like their value had somehow gotten even bigger than it previously was, and in Brussels it felt giant. During Elle Me Dit some people were asked on stage by showing their posters and asking the people who made them to come and eventually a big group of people climbed on stage. I added photos of the white suit during Grace Kelly, the Blue Bird outfit and the final We Are Golden flower scene.

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