Geneva Arena in Geneva, Switzerland 28/3/2024

Makes me still smile to think the Geneva show which surprisingly turned out to be one of my favourite gigs during the whole Apocalypse Calypso Tour. Things somehow fell into their places before the show started. It was such a cold day, I was freezing while waiting for the doors to open and the entrance was quite chaotic with 8 different lines, but when I finally had my spot and was ready to see the show I surprisingly felt just very relaxed and despite of the lack of sleep not tired at all and was absolutely ready to listen to each song on the setlist and to dance, enjoy and pay attention to my favourite details and during the gig I did all that. 

We got almost the full Apocalypse show. Moi, Andy et Paris was not on the setlist but I knew in advance something would be left out because the show was looking for its new form for the countries outside France. The crowd gave a warm response with good energy and I had learnt that in Switzerland it can be either way, the crowd is into the show or it’s not and this time it luckily was. I loved the mood during the night and the thank you for the energy goes both to the man on stage and people in the crowd, we got old-school, basic “good energy gig vibes” if that says anything. A great show and basic, relaxed and positive vibes, really the best combination and something that always guarantees the result and makes my day. 

 What I love most in the Apocalypse Calypso show is that even though it’s such a long show with an overwhelming amount of details the more times I watch it the more obvious and clear the basic storyline becomes and the more I also fell in love with the details and even discover them either more or again. For story some songs feel more important than the others. Obviously the beginning of the show is always important and with Bougez and opening the cage the start is powerful and impressive. To strengthen the bird/transformation theme there’s the elegant scene with the white wing piano and the energetic Love Today with the gorgeous blue feather jacket which at the same time is the most beautiful detail of the show. 

To connect everything to the apocalypse there’s Apocalypse Calypso that directly talks about the topic and also several songs that refer to really serious topics like C’et la vie (life and death), Happy Ending (unhappy love) and Any Other World (the world situation) to mention a few. Around the basic “storyline songs” the setlist includes songs that either give emotions or raise the energy and there are beautiful details both in the performing and outfits or show elements and also details that are added in the beginning of the song or between them. 

During the show I really enjoyed both the music and the mood and here and there simply stopped to appreciate beautiful, thoughtful details. I have loved it how Apocalypse Calypso takes us deeper to the theme right after Bougez and works also extremely well with the audience, the full crowd can so easily be connected. In Geneva I was totally inside the gig since the very beginning of the show and to be honest I wasn’t observing and didn’t pay attention to how well the crowd started to participate and if that happened immediately or gradually but it did happen and in addition to Apocalypse Calypso there are also two other songs just to make that happen and I enjoyed them all.

During Feels Like Fire and Underwater I purely enjoyed the music as these are my two listening highlights. The animation for Feels Like Fire is like a small film with animals, desert and colours and during Underwater we see some random underwater world images like statues yet both work well even though totally different style. I danced the high energy songs and enjoyed Jane Birkin and how it makes the audience so incredibly connected and sing along and loved everything. Watching Jane Birkin has made me particularly happy this tour, just seeing how the song starts with the lovely little intro and Je t’aime moi non plus is thrilling, intimate and pretty.

The transitions between songs are almost the best part of the show, so well done and I actually closed my eyes while listening to Underwater to start but opened them on time to see how Mika’s figure appeared on stage simply because it looks so beautiful every single time. I love this idea and how we can see the figure posing before Underwater and Yo-Yo and for example We Are Golden, almost better than seeing him in full light. My mind said a silent thank you to the universe when the white piano was brought on stage and 30 secondes started. In the end of the song Mika walked to the audience after spotting a poster asking to sing and let someone in the crowd sing a part in the end. Grace Kelly after that was introduced in a special, multilingual way in three different languages.

One of the things I’ve particularly enjoyed this tour has been seeing how some older songs feel even deeper than before and with that I refer songs like Happy Ending and Any Other World. Maybe because we all already know these songs so well and Mika is older and maybe even sees the songs differently than before. Maybe I see the songs differently than before. There’s a beautiful emotional vibe in Happy Ending coming from the new visual side and the pretty, different ending and Any Other World has simply been perfect in every way. I never expected these older songs to suddenly have this new, surprising tone. Then there’s the bird outfit. I have no words how beautiful it is. 

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