Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, UK 5/4/2024

The smallish gig at Civic Hall in Wolverhampton was definitely one of my favourites during the past weeks. I had missed moments like this. I admire the big show and love it how it allows Mika to do big things but still prefer a bit smaller gigs and “real music venues” instead of arenas. I love the vibe that comes from the combination of a new, maybe unknown location, a proper music venue and a smallish stage without big elements and enjoy watching Mika being able to have fun on stage without too much pressure or expectations and the audience being able to show him spontaneous love. 

The mood becomes warm and loving and cozy and the whole combination is simply a good mix that guarantees lovely vibes and a positive kind of chaos. The result might not be the most perfect show with every possible element, the audience might not be the loudest of them all but the gig is special and warm and those are always my favourites and I end up wondering why it can’t be like this more often, I wish it could. In Wolverhampton the stage was so small that the birdcage or even the white piano couldn’t fit in and we got amazing imaginary piano performances for Billy Brown and Grace Kelly and it felt like the old times when Mika was playing his imaginary trumpet for Stuck In The Middle. Absolutely lovely and so much fun. 

I don’t have any good really good photos of this tour and it’s a shame considering how visually stunning the show has been. I’ve tried to take some pictures of the blue bird outfit and after seeing the show many times it has stayed my favourite detail, there’s something super symbolic in the transformation scene and the whole performance is full of adrenaline and I’m extremely happy the outfit was kept for the UK part of the show. Otherwise it’s the classic elements I love most, that meaning classic songs like Underwater, Happy Ending and Any Other World, and surprisingly songs like Yo-Yo even as a remix version. Can’t even explain why I particularly love that one more than the other high energy songs, for me it simply creates a good energy level. 

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