Arcadium in Annecy, France 16/3/2024

A small gallery from Arcadium in Annecy. I don’t feel good posting only bad quality photos but during the tour I’m not allowed to use any other camera than my tiny pocket version (it’s literally small enough to fit in my jean’s pocket and most securities accept it) so these are the only photos I have and I need a few photos from each gig to be able to later remember the details and separate the shows from each other.  

The show in Annecy was extremely good. The venue was smallish and the audience warm. Some fans had brought little colourful pieces of paper to use with mobile lights during Moi, Andy et Paris and the colourful lights looked pretty indeed and we got a lovely version of the song and Mika gave the audience some thankful extra smiles. A lovely moment I think. Colourful lights are a suitable way to create a special moment without harming anyone. Bringing big posters or papers or huge hearts blocks inevitably some people’s view and can actually be quite annoying. Using lights or wearing special bracelets or flowers or make up or just making hearts with hands is much more thoughtful, at least in my opinion, and I really enjoyed “Moi, Andy et Annecy” at Arcadium. 

During the show I immensely enjoyed especially the classic songs like the older songs Underwater and Happy Ending and Any Other World and the newer Jane Birkin and C’est la vie (which I see as “classics” already) and find it simply astonishing how some songs can grow their value show after show, year after year. Also, I love my routines so I always love my own favourites like Feels Like Fire and the flowers with We Are Golden (just to mention a few important moments) and can never have enough of them. 

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