Mobistar signing session in Liege, Belgium 18/9/2014

It was lovely to have a “Mika day” and it reminded me of some wonderful promotion gig days years ago. I arrived Brussels late Wednesday night a bit stressed and unsure. It was very difficult to find a ticket for the actual show on Thursday night. My friend who lives in Belgium worked weeks to find me one. She bought me prepaid mobile cards to participate the competition and talked to all her friends and colleagues asking them to take part. So many people did, even though they don’t even know me. I didn’t manage to win but still wrote “Mobistar” in my calendar and my friend promised to continue looking for someone who has tickets and is willing to take me to the gig. She found me a ticket last minute. Unfortunately the person who won couldn’t go with me meaning I had a ticket but wasn’t sure it would help me in. I was happy to read about the signing session organized in Liege the same day because that way I could still at least see Mika even if I wasn’t lucky with my ticket.

The noisy hotel I had booked as an affordable option looked awful and had stained sheets and ceiling mirrors. I couldn’t sleep but still didn’t feel tired in the morning and took a train to Liege and found the Mobistar store with barriers and green carpets ready for the signing session and a small group of people already queuing. Everything was really nice, calm and carefully organized. The staff was smiling and gave 50 first people a free album and started to let us in in small groups around 1 pm. We were taken upstairs into a big airy room. Everything went really well. No one was pushing, people were polite and waited for their turn and Mika was kind as always, giving his smiling attention to everyone. I wasn’t sure if I should sit or not but he offered me a seat and was really sweet. One of the guys working for the event company listened to my worries and helped fixing the problem with my ticket. I was so pleased the event was so well organized. Everything went perfectly without a moment of chaos. I went back to Brussels and people got in to the venue very smoothly and the gig could start. 

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