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My name is Nina and I live in Helsinki, Finland. I love traveling and the atmosphere of live concerts and festivals and I travel to see my favorite artist – singer-songwriter Mika – as often as I can. This blog is mainly for my gig photos and reviews but I write also about traveling and events in general.

Signature Mika style combines happy, cheerful pop tunes with darker themes and lyrics. His world is full of colors and emotions, his songs tell the message of love, tolerance and freedom. First two Mika albums (Life In Cartoon motion 2007, The Boy Who Knew Too Much 2009) had cartoon like elements and characters but the albums after that (The Origin Of Love 2012, No Place In Heaven 2015 and especially My Name Is Michael Holbrook 2019) have developed his music to more honest and personal direction.

Mika does his every tour and show in his own, colorful and elegant style. The collaboration with Canadian conductor Simon Leclerc and six symphony concerts in Montreal, Como and Florence 2015-16 are my personal favorites so far, not only because Mika’s skilled voice sounds beautiful with an orchestra and because symphony arrangements take his songs to a new level but also because it shows he can’t easily be categorized and labeled as an artist, something very characteristic to him.

Good examples of Mika’s theatrical side are two massive spectacles in France (Parc de Prince 2008, Bercy 2016) and his Golden Rose awarded one man television show Casa Mika broadcasted on Italian television 2016-17. The giant heart-shaped stage below was brought in the middle of Stade de France for his performance after the 2018 Top 14 rugby final.

My written concert reviews are in my blog posts and I’ve collected some of my gig photos in GIGS AND EVENTS. Thanks for taking time to read my blog / Nina xxx