Tour concepts

The new Mika Tour announced for autumn 2022 in Italy will combine two different concepts we are used to see separately: a small and intimate, acoustic theatre size show and a spectacular arena show with – I assume – a colourful stage setting or at least a colourful light show. Each Italian city will get two nights, first a small intimate one and day after that a full explosion of colours and energy. The nights will be tied together with an exciting element, Mika’s magic piano, which gives the tour title "The Magic Piano Tour".

Gigs are always firstly about the music and the charisma coming from the artist, the place and circumstances come after that. However, the concept for the show or full tour can give concerts different tones and a beautiful venue adds extra value particularly when the artist is as elegant and stylish as Mika is. It gives me always a pleasure to watch him at elegant and stylish venues, he deserves them.

The Magic Piano concept is basically everything I’ve ever wanted to see happening all at once. I’ve always preferred small shows where Mika is focused on singing, and seeing that happening again is a dream come true. No matter how many shows I’ve seen acoustic arrangements and Mika close to his audience is the best thing I know. Also, usually small theatre size venues are the prettiest ones and such perfectly suitable backgrounds for Mika’s personal style and the stories he tells us.

And that said, Mika’s big stage is always, always incredibly creative and seeing the energy flowing from the stage to the massive crowd and again back to the stage bringing a huge smile on his face is both impressive and heartwarming. He’s a magician who has the audience under his spell. It will be wonderful to see these two perspectives during two subsequent nights and to experience both the intimacy and the big energy.

The classic live music concept includes an artist or a band at an old-school music venue. It’s all about music in extremely simple circumstances and seeing Mika that way has always been a guaranteed treat. A good example of that concept was the Tiny Tour we saw in North America just before the fifth album My Name Is Michael Holbrook was out. The Songs For Sorrow Acoustic Tour focusing on the new songs on the Songs For Sorrow EP had the same vibe already in 2009 and the last tour in Australia just before the pandemic hit us hard had the similar loving and music focused energy. The simple stage background was there but the visuality came mainly from Mika and his band and their beautiful, colourful outfits. The show itself was pure joy of live music, having fun and feeling connected and what a lovely, warm vibe it was! One of the best ever gig memories.

The Intimate Evening Tour in North America in spring 2013 introduced an even more intimate concept. We saw Mika at tiny, tiny venues on their tiny, tiny stages in circumstances that were simpler than ever before: only Mika and his two musicians playing different instruments. The concept was absolutely beautiful and I wonder if the theatre part in the new Magic Piano concept will be like that or even more intimate, if “one man show” will mean just Mika with his piano or if the full band will be there but on the background, almost in shadows, like we saw at Salle Pleyel in 2021. Only time will tell but the excitement is already here and it’s real.

The arena concept is familiar from several previous Mika tours but I know I will be once again surprised by the setting and different elements. Seeing my first show in London 2008 made an everlasting impression created by the mix of joyful elements both extremely childlike and extremely adult at the same time. I had never seen anything like that, I had never felt that kind of energy. The circus show at Parc des Princes a few months later multiplied the impression and was more colourful, more amazing than than anything I could have ever imagined in my mind.

The Imaginarium setting offered an incredible possibility to have a look at Mika’s creativity and his own personal world. Everything was put together under the adolescence theme, every element was full of young dreams, hopes, fears, even nightmares. One year after the Imaginarium Tour Mika’s theatrical side was blooming on the Marie Antoinette stage. It wasn’t just the gorgeous outfits, the paintings or the hanging chandeliers that created the atmosphere, he had the full court around him and the show included little play scenes and small theatrical moments inside of the songs or between them.

The Heaven Tour and the Revelation Tour included elements designed by Studio Job and Mika's piano was in the spotlight both times. The Heaven piano exploded spreading confetti, the Revelation one shined in pink rising to the ceiling. During the upcoming tour the magic is said to be created by the melody. It’s still early but Mika is giving us hints, even promises that 2022 and new tours will bring us new music and we are eagerly waiting for it. 

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