Stay High

Trends come and go but high quality work and real values like expressing creativity and personal freedom, appreciating love and friendship, taking care of the world and each other and investing in art and education are never out of style.

When Mika released his first album he introduced himself to the world that was there waiting for him. He entered to the industry that had been forming for decades and had strong, both good and bad, patterns and policies. Then everything started to change. Today’s world is literally building as we speak. People find new ways to live, work and consume on a daily basis. Still, aiming to high quality and real values is something that stays and artists who fit in that definition can stand out.

I felt truly inspired by the art project Mika launched in Paris in March 2021. The project that was done together with MAD Paris, the city and the outdoor advertisement spaces collected together 10 artists including Mika and his sister Yasmine. Thousands of posters for canceled events and exhibitions were replaced with colourful art posters highlighting the meaning of art and spreading positivity during the time when museums are closed and shows and concerts cancelled.

The poster Mika and Yasmine created reminds us to stay high. “We gonna stay high” were Mika’s final words in the end of each Revelation show and something that became an anthem when the pandemic started and the rest of the Revelation Tour in Asia and South and North America had to be cancelled.

Filling Paris with colourful art and spreading the message of spring is a beautiful initiative and it’s been refreshing to watch how positivity unites and brings people together. Who wouldn’t appreciate something like this? We all do. Meaning behind music and art, even something as everyday as street posters provokes thoughts and helps us to keep our mind on the right track and spirit high.

It was lovely to see how sometimes shallow social media become busy with a splash of colour and an important message. During the pandemic the message can be that basic. We all struggle and it’s important to spread hope the same way it's important to show concern and to help those who need it. The harder the times the more we need creativity, art and colours in our life.

Mika tells us to dance through difficult times. His music shows us how love rules the world even when relationships are hard and talks about tolerance and equality. During social movements there’s pressure for artists to use their platform but it's even more important and more impressive to say the message every day in the music and attitude and supporting ongoing campaigns and causes. 

The world is changing but artists continue their work in studios, on stage and even at streets. Good quality and good values will always push through everything else. People pick up the message when it’s offered to them and that is absolutely heartwarming and as uplifting as the final scene of the Revelation show (the photo from Toulouse 2019).

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