Soundtrack Of Empathy

The virtual concert part of Mika’s partnership with Indeed, Soundtrack Of Empathy, premiered on Youtube on June 24th 2021 and filled my heart with love and warmth. I was impatient and excited to see the concert after watching the colourful trailer yet the result exceeded my expectations and was simply put absolutely lovely.

I expected beautiful bright colours, Mika’s usual, fantastic energy, small serious talks and a lot of Pride spirit. We got all that, of course. However, what I didn’t expect was the extra warmth, the numerous, beautiful details in songs and the amazing styling. Stunning outfits chosen by Mika’s sister Paloma deserve a special mention. Her impeccable sense of style and knowing someone’s personality that well is a winning combination, the outfits were absolutely gorgeous and fit perfectly with each song and yes, there was a different outfit for every single song.

It was clear since the first seconds that the atmosphere was warm, cozy and somehow very casual and I loved that and knew immediately I would love the whole recording. I could see Mika’s handwriting in everything. Throughout the concert we heard thoughts and words about empathy (in general and particularly at work), about Pride and being your true self and how music is related to all that. The thoughts came from Mika and from his several guests, all with different backgrounds, and the tone was warm and lovely, even much warmer than I had thought in advance.

I loved it how Mika described transparency in his speech in the beginning of the recording, how it ironically makes everything more colourful, and it made me think of him as an artist. It never ceases to amaze me how easily he slides from one side of his personality to another. He is smiling goofily and suddenly changes to a sexy pose and that’s astonishing. I’ve seen it numerous times and still always wonder how easily it happens. He has the talent of going on stage and showing different sides at the same time just being himself, the same way he can speak four or more languages in one sentence.

Not sure if I should mention any favourites but I can’t help it. Who else hopes they could know Daphne the math tutor in person? I certainly do. She was radiating warmth, kindness and beauty. I can’t explain, I just immediately thought how much I wish I could know her. I loved each guest though and during every small introduction or speech thought how brave these people are, talking to a camera. I love this concept where music is mixed with thoughts. I find it interesting and even though the talks were quite short they still immediately gave a small insight into different people’s life. Mika is good at that, giving space to people’s thoughts, he has that sensitivity. That’s what empathy is in a way, giving space to other people’s thoughts.

Music was the most important. I had prepared myself there can be a special musical guest or two but there wasn’t any. It was all about Mika and that is exactly how I always want it to be. My true soundtrack of empathy is pure Mika with not a single song from anyone else. The band had elegant all-white outfits so Mika was the only one with colour. During his performance my attention was fully on him, I could be totally concentrated on him.

And what a performance it was! I loved it. He started with Ice Cream and his outfit gave those Freddie style vibes we had already seen in photos, he was wearing a sleeveless white top, striped, light blue jeans and gorgeous rainbow sneakers. The beautiful bold outfit and Mika’s attitude and smile in the end took all my attention. What a great start. Then Relax in a yellow outfit. I admit that for a tiny moment I was worried we wouldn’t see any special details in songs. However, there was surely no need to worry. Origin in an absolutely gorgeous tight pink suit had a beautiful ending. A lovely, lovely detail! Lovely version of Origin, like a theme song for Pride.

Grace Kelly was performed in the most gorgeous, really unique multicolour “sequin” suit and would have been difficult to find a suit more suitable than that. Then Tiny Love in a stunning, very special green outfit and the performance was the biggest highlight of the night. I had tears all over my face. It was a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful performance and seeing something like that during times like this made me cry. The more I watched it, the more I cried. What can I say. My poor heart.

Love Today introduced another stunning outfit, this time blue – probably my favourite of the night – and the vibe was so familiar! I had missed all this so much. The fierce drumming ended the song perfectly, felt so good to have the mad drumming back! As the last song We Are Golden performed in a decorated, a bit vintage style golden outfit. Again, a very special ending with extra Pride spirit and huge energy! The concert was too short, I know, but it was as lovely as it could be. So beautiful and made me feel so warm inside. The meaning of Pride month became clear. Like Daphne described: Pride month to me is an extra reminder to live without shame…just live in joy, in power.

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