Zenith de Dijon in Dijon, France 17/12/2019

I visited Dijon for the first time and hoped to have some particular memories to connect to the town later and now I certainly do, the gig was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure how it would be. I knew the show wasn’t sold out and because people arrived to the venue late it was impossible to predict how full it would be. We had a quiet waiting at the doors. I had a long chat with a French-Spanish guy who told he loves live concerts and had come to Dijon from Paris. He had loved Mika’s first album and seen him live around that time but after that followed from distance until My Name Is Michael Holbrook totally caught his attention. I love hearing stories like this. I’m especially pleased when people tell how much they like the latest album because it’s my own favourite and it’s a joy to share the feeling.

We got in and during the pre-gig music the place started to fill up and eventually looked practically full. However, the audience didn’t look enthusiastic at all. Mika came on stage wearing his red suit and red is not my favorite color but it gives a sharp impression and I really love it that the colors are changing, not only in Mika’s outfits but also for the band and not only because that way it makes more sense to share photos but also because it helps me to separate the gigs in my thoughts later. During the first three songs the audience didn’t react much at all, no singing no dancing, and I was worried it would reflect to Mika’s mood.

Then something happened and he did his magic. During Origin people started to wave their hands. I didn’t observe the audience during Platform Ballerinas because the song is one of my own personal favourites and I was totally focused on it but after that it was time for Big Girl and circling in the audience and it always gives a pleasant shock to those who didn’t know to expect it. He really goes close to the audience! Next a stunning version of Tiny Love and the piano going up as an impressive element – easy to see from all parts of the venue – and during Underwater the seated audience responded surprisingly beautifully! Then touching Paloma and “fly Paloma” the piano going high.

During Elle Me Dit and Lollipop the audience was wide awake and even though Happy Ending wasn’t as peaceful as I would like it to be Mika could still finish it and Love Today and We Are Golden got an excellent response in the crowd before the final explosion with the balloons and heart. I loved the final dance in front of the heart, a deserved moment both to Mika and the crowd in Dijon. I didn’t expect the gig evolve this way and loved it that in addition to my own enjoyment I could also watch how everything grew bigger and better song by song – the energy in the crowd and Mika’s own mood – and how a gig that could have been very average became having fun together.

I had so many equal personal favourites. Underwater, Tiny Love and Tiny Love Reprise, Paloma. Dear Jealousy, Platform Ballerinas, Tomorrow and the final Stay High. I’m surprised to say this but I feel that Lollipop and Grace Kelly are both more important than during the last tours. I especially love it how the stage looks during Lollipop with the beautiful bright orange colors and always look forward to also the visual experience.

The stage looks the most beautiful during Underwater. I love the serene view, the blueish lights are incredibly pretty and I have to control myself to follow my own rule and not to take photos during the song. It’s important to be fully focused during the songs like Underwater and Happy Ending and everything else than listening is always an obvious distraction. Just before Happy Ending a professional photographer blocked my view and I almost cried but luckily he moved as soon as Mika was differently located. Happy Ending is a sacred song, nothing should be allowed to disturb it.

Of all these favourites the most dearest moments for me in Dijon were Tiny Love and Tiny Love Reprise and hearing the sentence My Name Is Michael Holbrook. When the gig ended I felt grateful for hearing so many beautiful favourites, for having so much fun and for being able to watch how the gig grew and the magic worked. The guy I met at the doors was afterwards hugely impressed and wants to be back which, I think, is the best kind of feedback.

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