Webster Hall in NYC, US 4/5/2015

The second US venue was Webster Hall in New York. A legendary venue for Mika. The new setting looked even better than I had imagined in advance, it looked absolutely brilliant. It was made of simple colourful cardboard but somehow it came alive as soon as Mika and the band showed up on stage and it looked so cheerful and cartoon style and that way so suitable for Mika’s music that I immediately fell in love with it.

Before the gig started the city was kind of sleeping in the moonlight but it woke up the moment Mika and the band appeared and looked like a place for countless of stories and the perfect location for all his characters and songs to come alive. Lights gave the stage different tones and moods from daylight city views to the dreamiest and gloomiest night-time scenes.

It took me first three songs to get in the mood but after that all I could think was oh wow, how good he is! He is so good. Better and more confident than ever. There was no sign of the first gigs nervousness. He looked confident and took his place on stage. I can’t tell if it’s his age or the live television show pressure he’s been through but he definitely looked more confident than he used to even we saw the first two shows of the tour after a long, long break.

Every song from the new album was fantastic and We Are Golden made the venue almost explode. The audience went wild! Mika looked happy and pleased and somehow surprised and after that the gig was full of energy to both directions between him and the audience. The funny, unique floor gave the jumping and dancing crowd even more bouncing effect. He did every song on the set list, even Good Wife and I love it, it’s such a beautiful, interesting and dark song, and the encore and even extra Elle Me Dit in the end taking off his jacket.

Amazing to watch and I felt so lucky to be there and experience it all. What a gig and what a crowd. Wow. In the end of the show my imagination started to add cartoon like effects everywhere, I couldn’t help it. Pink and red hearts flew out from people’s eyes, little bouncing “sound effect bubbles” appeared above the jumping and dancing audience. Things that can happen at Mika gigs.

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