Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, US 21/9/2019

The Ace Hotel Theatre in downtown Los Angeles was fancy and quite unique as a venue. The concert was seated but during the show people tried to move in front and it wasn’t so easy to keep our seats. The good thing was that the crowd stood up the moment the gig started and it was possible for everyone to dance and have fun and even jump if they felt like it.

I could hear the flu in Mika’s voice, it was warm that way and he shyly asked people to be kind before singing Blue because it’s a difficult song but there was no need for that, Blue was beautifully done and the audience seemed to very genuinely appreciate it, even though it’s new and even though it’s different and also more difficult to listen to. Blue and Underwater were my personal favourites during the night, extremely beautiful and even more melancholic than they usually are.

I felt a bit heavy but Tomorrow turned my mood beautifully and very quickly, the first notes made me smile already. All I wanted to do was to dance and enjoy. Every new song sounds live multiple times better than recorded. The band is great and adds a lot of texture in every song which I personally enjoy and find interesting. The latter part of the show was highly energetic and I loved it how Stay High ended the gig. 

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