Theatre Antique in Vienne, France 18/7/2012

I arrived to the venue in Vienne with my French friends and saw an absolutely breath-taking historical amphitheater. We climbed the venue up and down and I realised it had an amazing view from everywhere and I decided I would use this rare opportunity and not watch the show from front but from somewhere higher to see the whole stage, the audience and the beautiful light show. 

The best decision ever. It didn’t feel like that at first though. I had a lonely, hot and sunny waiting before the show. I was also a bit worried about the audience which was big but didn’t look enthusiastic at all. People had pillows and blankets and they were eating like on a Sunday picnic. However, as soon Mika’s crew appeared on stage people started to clap their hands and perform the Mexican wave. What a sudden change, I was super excited in a few seconds!

The setting was made ready very quickly and soon the band and then Mika came on stage. The crowd started to cheer and the gig was truly amazing from the beginning to the very end and I didn’t want it to end at all. The sound was very good and I had a spectacular view so I could see the whole stage and observe everything that happened and I took a lot videos to remember everything afterwards.

Mika started with Big Girl (probably to break the pattern) and continued with Relax and Blame It On the Girls. I couldn’t dance or jump in a big way because everyone around me was still sitting (but still clapping their hands and enjoying) so I just enjoyed the music and watched. Next songs were Stuck In the Middle, Billy Brown and Blue Eyes and I find the new versions for all of these songs really fresh and interesting. I loved watching Curtis and Tim who were in the spotlight playing and especially Curtis totally hypnotised me. It looks he can play every possible instrument and his playing is really natural and cheerful and fun to watch.

After that we heard Lola which I love and Rain which I had really missed during the concert break and finally Lollipop. I like the new version of Lollipop because it sounds really new and I was looking forward to seeing fans on stage dressed in black suits and hats. After Lollipop we heard Underwater which is my absolute favorite and therefor one of the highlights of the show. Mika had a strong contact with the audience and I was happy to see that works also when not near front rows. Once again, the venue was brilliant and offered a good view from everywhere.

Next he performed Happy Ending and the fans in front row waved red and blue heart-shaped lights and people made hearts with their fingers and Mika made hearts with his fingers and it was really sweet. I had a blue heart light in my bag and I gave it to a little boy next to me and he happily waved it, probably during the whole show and not just during Happy Ending. Celebrate was awesome, the audience had a lot of energy and I enjoyed watching Joy singing and dancing. Karen was an absolute pleasure. It’s one of my favourite songs and first it felt weird to hear a new version but actually I like it a lot. Elle Me Dit and Love Today made the audience wild and Mika was on fire and the atmosphere was full of energy. Then the last song and We Are Golden worked well as always and the confetti looked awesome and the song felt like the final firework for the show. Mika came back of course and did Origin and Grace Kelly.

And that was all. I enjoyed the new show so much. Even old songs felt fresh and both the lights and the confetti worked really well even at this big venue. Mika’s voice was beautiful and the audience gave him energy and we could enjoy his jumping and crazy dancing. 

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