The Tivoli in Brisbane, Australia 24/2/2020

The gig at The Tivoli in Brisbane, Australia was like directly from my gig fantasies. People have all kind of fantasies, mine are often related to concerts and this gig was very much like one of them. In so many ways. I smiled already during the supporting act.

The venue was a small, proper music venue, my favorite kind of venue. The stage was simple. The lights were really nice and it’s not always like that at small gigs, it can be either too dark or too bright. The crowd was one of the best I’ve seen and I’ve seen many. I felt good, friendly vibes already in the queue while waiting for the show and the atmosphere during the gig was as positive as I had imagined it to be.

Mika had a fantastic energy on stage and he sounded and looked good. I was aware there were also other people but I could hear and see only him. He was the only one I paid attention to. Except during Platform Ballerinas when there was a queen on stage. I’m not joking (please check videos on my Instagram), there was a drag queen on stage. What can I say, thank you universe for sending her, it was the best Platform Ballerinas ever. Very special gig.

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