Rockhal in Luxembourg 29/1/2020

The gig at Rockhal in Luxembourg was so much fun. The crowd didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic yet somehow, despite of that, the night was full of dancing, smiling, laughing and just having fun and I really enjoyed it. A lucky fan was invited on stage with Mika and I loved it how even her white t-shirt with a red heart and letter M fitted so well together with Mika’s white – blue and red decorated – ruffle shirt. We met the girl earlier during the day and promised to keep our fingers crossed for her so that her small sign asking Mika a possibility to dance with him would work and during Elle Me Dit that happened indeed.

After that we saw Mitch at the piano during the whole Lollipop and I liked that and used a moment to take some photos. I was in a dancing mood so in addition to my usual huge favorites Paloma, Tiny Love, Underwater and Happy Ending I particularly loved dancing songs like Tomorrow and Dear Jealousy and energetic Love Today. I have lovely memories from Rockhal from Imaginarium Tour 2010 and felt good to be back for Revelation Tour 10 years later. 

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