Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Spain 12/11/2019

The venue in Barcelona was a nightclub and that way not stylish at all but the place was small and compact and everything at the doors and inside of the venue was well organised. I hadn’t expected a Spanish venue to be that organised and the day was in many ways a pleasant surprise. The stage was high. However, Mika was not only dancing but also on his knees or sitting on stage and I could see very well and wanted to use the opportunity to fully focus on my favourites and put my camera down during many songs. It was lovely to listen to so carefully and during energetic songs also to dance and I very much enjoyed the show.

The area between the stage and audience was full of photographers, not sure if I’ve ever seen that many, they had hardly space to move, and I hope that will lead to some nice press in Spain. During Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy, Relax and even Origin (when one of the photographers was on stage) that all was quite distracting but of course also positive from the promotional point of view. The general vibe of the gig wasn’t as emotional and special as in London but for some reason, maybe because I was so fully focused, all the intensive songs felt even more intensive than they usually do. Blue, Underwater and Happy Ending were all stunningly beautiful and extremely powerful and among my biggest favorites during the night and I had to seriously fight not to be in tears. Such lovely moments!

Of the dancing songs Platform Ballerinas and Stay High were the highlights of the night. All the new songs are getting better and better and I seem to enjoy these first Revelation Tour shows in Europe as much as I did enjoy the very special Tiny Tour and several times thought the new tour couldn’t have had a better start. Everything is focused on Mika which is exactly how I like it. At the same time every musician is still included in some details which makes the band look balanced, Razzmatazz was the first time I paid attention also to the new keyboardist. I love it how everything in the sound is distinct and not blending in, something especially suitable for my ears.

Excited to see the new setting but so happy we had this possibility to experience a few simple and pure shows also in Europe.

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