PalaGeorge in Montichiari, Italy 30/11/2019

In Montichiari we saw Mika in his most elegant outfits and in my absolute favourite colors. His dark blue suit with a white and blue dotted shirt looked incredibly stylish and the strong aqua suit seen in the end fitted perfectly with the red giant heart. Stay High and Mika leaning on the heart and then raising his hands on the sides and dancing the heart on the background is one of the most important moments of the show and something I always look forward to.

This time I gave a lot of attention to the visual side, everything is so impressive I couldn’t not to. I’m not a fan of too smoky looks, I prefer it when everything can be seen clearly and I loved it how magically the stage glowed in different bright tones during many of my favourite songs. Beautiful blue, green and turquoise for Underwater, lovely pink for Happy Ending and clear, strong orange for Lollipop. Popular song was back at the set list and during it the stage had a multicolor background.

There were some very pleasing additions on the set list. As a lovely surprise Paloma was already back and it was definitely once again my favourite song during the night. The live version shows so clearly how there was beauty in there too, so successfully done and at the same time both serious and touching and yet somehow extremely bold. As the biggest surprise element Sanremo, finally after a long wait. Adding Sanremo made the Italian set list more special at least for me, personally I find it more meaningful than Stardust or Domani.

I’m slightly obsessed with Platform Ballerinas. The performance is energetic, joyful and perky and makes me instantly in a good mood. I love the little dance Mika and Max do together and in Montichiari Mika added some Shakira level new moves shaking his cute, tiny butt in a very impressive way and my first reaction was oh how did you do that, how is that even possible!

The audience was really good. These venues are huge and the crowd can be challenging and hard to predict in advance but when I looked at my sides at PalaGeorge I saw large areas of people joining the fun and the atmosphere was very positive and energetic. After the gig everyone around me looked smiling and happy and people kept asking each other if the show was even particularly good and I think it was, it was absolutely fantastic.

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