Ollesummer Festival at Lauluväljak in Tallinn, Estonia 5/7/2012

Tallinn Ollesummer opened the gates, we went in and saw that the area around the stage was still closed and suddenly realised Mika was on stage and rehearsing! The security said it’s okay to be there and watch (no filming or taking pics) so we waited there listening and smiling and started to hear new songs. It felt unreal. I almost couldn’t understand we were really listening to songs like Lola, Underwater, Make You Happy, Rain and another new slow song called Kids. 

I love watching these moments, Mika is always very different than during his usual shows. I could see his mother dancing and having fun in her colorful dress and couldn’t decide which one is more awesome, listening to the new songs and watching the rehearsals or knowing we were going to see his full, proper show in a few hours. 

The gig was crazy and Mika and the whole band looked really stylish and I loved their outfits. The Estonian audience was as good as I expected. Mika was on fire and the band was very good. I was lucky to see Mika in Tallinn in 2010 so I knew the audience will be the best possible and I was really looking forward to the show also for that reason. Tallinn never seems to fail, the audience was epic and so loud and Mika was on fire from the first moments. He told later how the audience made him almost fly backwards because the effect was so strong and I totally believe him because I could feel the power in the audience. 

Underwater is one of his best songs. Somehow Origin suits very well together with it but during the gig he did Origin in the end. Lola is different but I really liked it and it made me smile. We didn’t hear Kids at the gig. Celebrate is such a great live song and even though it’s probably my least favourite new song I still enjoyed it a lot. What a day, I loved every moment.

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