Nimes Festival at Arena de Nimes in France 7/7/2022

 Arena de Nimes is a historical amphitheatre - originally built for entertainment purposes - that still these days serves as a venue being one of the most gorgeous music venues in the world for sure. For me this was the second time at the arena and just like last time I wanted to admire the place in advance before the gig started and bought a visitor ticket (the arena was open for visiting until afternoon and soundchecks), walked around and climbed to the very highest seats to see the view.

 I felt unusually distracted during this gig but I could see since the first moments that it was brilliant and planned to offer the audience even more surprises than a regular gig does. So many surprises and a brilliant performance in every way! The audience was lucky and privileged but for some reason not as enthusiastic as for example the crowd in London (extraordinary) three days earlier or even the festival crowd in Albi just day before. It took some effort from Mika to wake up people but he showed his best and most energetic performing. 

 The setlist looks expected with Rain as an additional song but for me it felt particularly generous to hear Ice Cream, Yo-Yo, Boum Boum Boum and Rain one after another - it’s a fantastic combination - and the night offered surprises in many songs including going to the crowd not only during Big Girl but also during Love Today, bringing Mika’s adorable nephew on stage during Elle Me Dit and asking a fan from the audience to play piano during Underwater which sounds risky but ended fabulously. We saw three different outfits, sparkles coming from the piano and gorgeous, gorgeous lights. The stage looked absolutely fantastic.

 My favourite moment of the show was definitely Mika and his little nephew dancing in the end of Elle Me Dit. Such a sweet little moment that made all those thoughts that had bothered me during the gig  to disappear. I got scared watching how the piano started to send sparkles so suddenly but Beauregard was brave and stayed calm. Acoustic Yo-Yo was obviously stunning as well. It has become a huge, huge highlight for me. I saw that coming but didn’t guess I would love the song that much. Nimes offered a beautiful concert at an extremely beautiful and special venue.

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