Mobistar showcase in Brussels, Belgium 18/9/2014

Mobistar showcase in Brussels turned out to be a fantastic gig. I couldn’t help but smiling through the gig, I really enjoyed it. Mika added many new details to his old songs and it sounds like a little thing but means a lot because it gave the feeling he’s been thinking about his own music again. I loved it that he decided to speak English and I could that way enjoy his chatting and jokes again after many French and Italian events.

I was so happy to hear Toy Boy in the beginning I could hardly breath. I loved Blue Eyes and Origin and almost cried when Mika started Relax with piano, it’s very favourite parts of his songs. I hold my breath again during Underwater, absolutely LOVED Boum Boum Boum and was super happy to hear Lola again. He couldn’t remember the lyrics first and I didn’t have an internet connection to offer him mobile but he finally got them. I adored piano intros and was really pleased he did Italian version of Lollipop because I actually like it. It’s playful and makes sense to sing it in Italian even to non-Italian audiences.

Mika looked gorgeous. He doesn’t seem to get any older. He was glowing and his red suit fitted him nicely. I felt a bit sad when the gig ended and I realised it’s all over again. He was still in a good mood and really sweet and said good bye and everyone left smiling. It was such a lovely day. I’m so grateful, thank you everyone who I met and who made it possible.

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