Live /S Live in Zeebrygge, Belgium 19/6/2022

Live /s Live festival in Zeebrygge offered us extremely relaxed and smiling Mika. He told the audience he had been celebrating his brother’s wedding until early morning and I can’t tell if the reason was the love in the air, time spent with his family or champagne celebrations but I’ve rarely seen a performance as smiling as this one. The whole show felt like pleasant fresh air on your face. The combination of the seaside environment, light summer night and simple pink setting was perfect. Absolutely lovely night. I took photos of the beautiful sight, I danced, I enjoyed the vibe, I focused on listening to my favourite parts. Everything was right.

The weather during the day and before Mika’s performance was awful. After two hot and sunny days it was rainy and cold and we were all wet and freezing. However, during the sound check we heard a little bit of Rain and that comforted me. I thought it can be rainy and it can be cold but as a reward we will hear Rain as a surprise song and later in the evening we got that and much more. The whole performance was beautiful. It’s always a rare treat to see Mika performing in daylight and when he started around 8 the weather had just changed and it wasn’t actually sunny but it was still quite bright and the early night was light.

The stage was giant and the setting was extremely simple and basically we saw just Mika’s fresh pink and white outfit and the magic piano that was glowing in pale pink and spreading some glimmering sparks and that was enough.The white pretty shirt Mika was wearing is probably my favourite of all his Valentino outfits. A pretty, pretty piece of clothing. In the main role was Mika’s smile and the gig was all about enjoying the atmosphere. The high energy songs were relaxed and energetic and everyone was dancing. During Underwater and Happy Ending I mostly focused on listening to get a good memory of the songs and loved how they were performed. His voice was beautiful. Rain and Yo-Yo were the songs I most looked forward to so I filmed them both with my mobile (as well as Ice Cream that I also prefer performed live) to be able to watch them all later. 

Mika spoke English which was amazing and also a little bit Dutch asking help from Wouter who speaks the language. Not sure what else to add, an absolutely lovely night. I didn’t even mind that my flight home was cancelled and instead of flying from Brussels I had to take a train to Paris to fly from there. A few extra hours is nothing when you have seen a gig like that. 

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