Liepaja Summer Sound in Liepaja, Latvia 13/7/2013

Liepaja Summer Sound festival had a fantastic beach location, the main stage was literally next to the water. The sand was white and soft to walk without shoes, festival goers spent their days swimming and sunbathing and the atmosphere was slightly put very relaxed. When the sun went down, the stage was prepared and the audience was ready for Mika and he was quite chatty! It was good to see he still has his old habit to learn a few words local language before going to stage. It makes me a bit jealous, it always means I listen to him talking languages I can’t understand, but it tells the audience he appreciates them and helps creating a contact with them. He talked a bit Latvian and people went wild and he talked a bit about Latvia in English and it was a very nice gesture as always.

The audience was good as in Baltic countries in general and participated and the whole atmosphere was very much beach festival style. The sea was absolutely beautiful and I loved feeling the soft white sand under my toes while listening to Underwater, I don’t think that has happened ever before! Mika asked all the lights off and made the audience sing as loud as they can and it was impressive.

He has very successfully done some fresh little changes to some of his old songs and I must say I haven’t enjoyed Relax or Lollipop this much for a long time (naturally not talking about the brilliant acoustic versions he did in the US), such beautiful intro and ending! He did Emily in English but didn’t remember the lyrics properly and changed to French. It was interesting to hear the English version again, I still definitely prefer Elle Me Dit. We heard Live Your Life and I’ve been addicted to the song this summer and would love to hear it a few more times. My favourite song in Liepaja was Origin once again, and I love the fact that I enjoy The Origin Of Love album songs live this much, all of them. Really enjoyed this show and the whole festival.

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