Le Zenith in Strasbourg, France 28/5/2016

The gig in Strasbourg was pretty much everything I want from a basic Mika show : a good combination of amazing music, positive energy and fab looking, colorful show elements. I wasn’t sure we would see any Bercy elements on stage and almost screamed of joy when the curtain was down and saw the giant Arc de Triomphe in the middle of the stage and the huge throne in the corner. The construction is truly giant and looks fantastic sparkling in different colors and the colors of the throne match with house backgrounds as well.

The set list was familiar/basic and to be honest I was happy with that after being almost overwhelmed by new details in Paris night before and I’m generally satisfied as long as I can listen to my favourites. I was located on the side so didn’t get the whole view of the stage but haven’t seen Tristan playing from a close distance for a while so was totally happy with that too.

The French crowd was as good and supportive as it can be. French gigs are always worth traveling and made me smile to realize that the school class surrounding me in the train in the morning was talking about Mika the whole trip. The whole trip! Like that wasn’t cool enough the granny sitting next to me was absolutely delighted to see Bercy pics on my laptop and said oh-la-la to every single pic. Every single pic and I had many of them! Mika has charmed everyone. Confetti rain was crazy. I love the last photo taken after the show.

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