Le Liberte in Rennes, France 18/9/2015

Finally a new Mika Tour! The Heaven Tour started in Rennes, France. I have no words to describe how impressed I was in Rennes while watching the show for the first time. I loved every moment, it was definitely one of my very best Mika nights ever. Full of surprises one after another, a totally new setlist with an exciting beginning, a lot of songs from the latest album and a new, massive and colourful stage set built around the Heaven theme. Everything was magical.

Mika started with No Place In Heaven. The stage was dark and first the audience could hear a small intro/medley containing several little references to different songs and themes. Then a huge lighted HEAVEN sign appeared above the stage and Mika started No Place In Heaven in front of the little caravan, hiding mysteriously behind his hat and coat. I almost couldn’t handle the excitement so I couldn’t give the song the attention it deserves but loved how exciting and mysterious the moment was and so suitable for the theme of course. After that the caravan opened looking like a mechanical miniature theatre with a sign PARADISE and Big Girl was done in front of it, Max in the spotlight together with Mika.

Then the show continued being so rich and generous with new songs and details that it’s impossible to describe it all and I don’t think it’s even needed, there will be many more shows and time to go through everything. The new setlist is so long that in the end of the show the audience feels really satisfied and just a little bit melancholic instead of the usual desperate “please don’t take him away from us yet”. Of course we all would like him to continue forever but it’s a full-length, very satisfying show.

The new stage looks fabulous. The signs (Heaven, Paradise) and the giant beautiful gate have an obvious connection to the theme. The colourful background looks some kind of the end of the world situation and is not as easily explained and I need to see it several times to be able to understand everything in it (it includes smoking factories, a giant shark and a submarine) but the whole stage looks fabulous especially with the amazing light show. My favorite detail was the magical shiny globe in the middle of the stage. Mika wasn’t wearing a suit but his white outfit with different jackets and I loved especially the stunning embroidered Valentino jacket with beautiful animals in the back.

We heard several songs from the new album and I loved them all. Good Wife was the best and most flawless performance, it’s such a great song. Promiseland was the most thrilling and everyone screamed as soon as they realised it’s coming. Last Party in the end was simply perfect. He has added a lot of new details to the old songs as well. There’s an exciting guitar intro in the beginning of Love Today! I loved the Roger Rabbit intro for Elle Me Dit and the dancing with it. Boum Boum Boum is still one of my favorite live songs and I love how it goes from gentle to another extreme.

We had the best possible spots in Rennes and I could easily see everything. I was happy like a child in a toy store, my face probably glowing of happiness from the beginning to the end. As a cute detail we saw Mika leaving the Rennes venue with his family. This time he didn’t have a car with black windows so we could see the girls in the back of the car. The both dogs raised their heads in the window when they passed the crowd. I mentioned the dogs to my husband as soon as I called him and he laughed asking if it was the highlight of the show for me. Maybe not the highlight but it certainly warmed my heart like seeing Mika with his family always does. 

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