L’Arene du Sud in Paita, New Caledonia 20/2/2020

The venue in Paita, New Caledonia was a sold out, middle sized sports arena. We arrived late but everyone else arrived even later and going in was very peaceful. Inside of the venue was hot. I’ve seen a gig that was called a sauna and several sweaty festivals but nothing even close to this one. Not sure if I’ve ever sweated that much. The audience was really good and sang extremely loudly and showed a warm, loving attitude. Mika must have been quite jet lagged and his voice wasn’t as strong as it usually is during Happy Ending but the audience didn’t mind at all. Instead it immediately helped him joining the song and something that could have been even awkward became a very sweet and heartwarming moment. Underwater was quite funny simply because the crowd was so incredibly loud. I loved the vibe and based on his smiles and expressions so did Mika. The setlist was basic with no special details and the atmosphere during the performance relaxed. I was jet lagged after traveling from the other side of the world as well but enjoyed the show a lot. The lights were not the best for taking photos but I took a few pics to show how sweaty it all was.

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