Ice cream van & free gig at Bloomsbury Ballroom in London, UK 22/9/2009

Tickets to the free gig at Bloomsbury Ballroom in September 2009 were given in the same morning at the ice cream van you can see in the pictures. During the gig in the evening I was very close, hence the gorgeous pair of shoes in the photo. It was a lot fun to be there. The stage was high and at some point Mika went on his knees to be lower. It happened really fast. He was in front of me and I saw there was a hole in his pants. It got bigger and bigger and I barely had time to think “Mika, your pants!” First he tried to cover it. Then he realized there was no way to hide a hole that large and started to laugh and filled his pants with glitter and the gig went on. What a cheerful evening it was. The gig was advertised in the Sun and in one of the images there’s an article with a short interview.

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