Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, Netherlands 7/5/2010 & Rockhal in Luxembourg 8/5/2010

In the pictures Ida, Cherisse and iMMa are having fun and dancing Kick Ass in the end of the show at Rockhal in Luxembourg. I enjoyed the gig in Luxembourg more than I did in Amsterdam where it was difficult for me to concentrate on the show. It was freezing cold even inside of the venue. There was a weird tension in the atmosphere and some things that happened just before the gig were bothering me. It took me several songs to recover but the music helped as it always does and the show was as good as it always is and I enjoyed it in the end as I always do. 

In Luxembourg everything was perfect and I was happy I was able to see it. I started to look for a ticket when the show was already sold out and managed to find one. I had a good feeling the whole day, everything felt relaxed and fun. Mika did an amazing performance and it was a fantastic way to end the Arena Tour. Somehow it felt he was really there and genuinely present. He communicated and joked with the band and gave a lot of attention to the audience. When he did a French song La Solitude I almost cried. I hadn’t expected him to sing this sad, beautiful song that I had hoped to hear for a long time.  

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