Free gig in Valenciennes, France 14/7/2022

 Free gigs are often one time only events meaning the organisation is not necessarily established like it is for big festivals with years of experience and for that reason the nature of event is more casual. Also, the length of the gig depends on the current deal and we never know in advance if the gig is full length or a shorter, more compact set. July 14th is the National Day of France and this time Valenciennes had decided to celebrate boldly: we got a full length Mika gig and after that a massive, massive firework show. Full length gig meant the full usual setlist plus two added songs: Rain and Boum Boum Boum. I read afterwards the crowd was more than 30000 or even 40000 people, even close to the 50 000. The energy in the audience was good and enthusiastic and that bounced back to Mika and made him in a good mood, his performance was excellent.

 During Relax Mika actually fell on stage, that’s why the surprised look in one of the photos. I got worried but he continued like nothing happened and didn’t seem to hurt himself. I collected more photos below around different songs. Black for Lollipop which is the loveliest version of the song we have heard so far. Lollipop is the song I played to my family first thing when I got home. “Just listen to his low voice!” 

 Going in the middle of the audience in pink is related to Big Girl. The audience wasn’t a particular Mika audience but more like a regular one to celebrate the National Day event so many people didn’t know in advance he might come to the crowd and went absolutely wild. The security guy in front started to sweat very visibly and I wanted to tell him it will be fine, this is what he does! The pink suit is something we have already seen a lot but it has a meaning in Big Girl, you can see him moving in the audience clearly. 

 Mobile lights were lit during Underwater which along with Happy Ending is one of the songs that makes me purely listen, sometimes I even close my eyes. This time I took a few photos during the end of Underwater when the audience was made to sing together. The signs telling “You Are Golden” were given to people by some young local fans at the gates to show at the same time during We Are Golden and that worked perfectly.

 Mika changed to his pale blue trousers as the final outfit for Love Today. The ending of the show felt mind-blowing, not sure how else to describe it. The set was already satisfying and hearing amazing version of Love Today and seeing the cape dance felt lovely and luxurious extra treat.
Wonderful performance and wonderful crowd. After the gig a long and impressive set of fireworks. Wow. Happy National Day, France. You have a special place in my heart. 

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