Foire aux Vins in Colmar, France 24/7/2022

In the end of the show in Colmar Mika said “I said everybody’s gonna love today” and people believed what he said. The whole crowd started to shout “love, love, love” like in a trance and it was epic. It was an iconic performance. ICONIC. It’s performances like this Love Today that make you understand that nothing can compare to this artist. He’s a magician on stage, his presence is incredible. 

The show we saw in Colmar was absolutely fantastic. The energy was so good. This was my first time in Colmar and the concert was surprisingly intimate to be a part of the such a big festival. I don’t have any photo material but there are a few clips of the Love Today on my Instagram: part 1, part 2 and part 3. If you watch the final Yo-Yo dance you see how amazing the energy and the audience were. 

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