Festival du Chateau in Sollies Pont, France 20/7/2016

The festival in Sollies Pont started with a supporting act with a very peculiar, almost painful style which is typical for France but not my cup of tea at all. I loved it how beautiful the chateau behind the stage looked before setting up the backgrounds and took a photo of the pink color that reminded me of the color of The Grand Hotel Budapest. So pretty!

Despite of the busy tour schedule Mika’s voice sounded beautiful and he gave no signs of tiredness. He started with No Place In Heaven which one of my favourites on the album. It’s not for the biggest festival crowds because people need to focus on it but worked still fine in Sollies Pont. It’s one of the best Mika songs and I know that people who properly know his music love the song. I absolutely adore the simple version!

The stage looked fabulous. I loved it how dreamy the lights looked in the beginning of Good Guys making the atmosphere more gentle. During the best parts of Happy Ending the whole stage was glowing in different shades and the Heaven sign sparkled like pointing out this is it. This is heaven. It looked magical. There were many details in the lights like a short rainbow glimpse also in Billy Brown and I paid a lot of attention to them while watching the show.

I loved the special ending in Relax, so beautiful! Maybe only a coincidence but the blue, white and red scene looked suitable. I don’t speak French but I could recognize parts of the speech Mika did already in Nimes. Happy Ending was absolutely breath-taking. It’s not as emotional or touching as Relax or Last Party but it’s kind of his signature and definitely impressive every single time. I wish I had a video of Last Party and the foggy lights but it’s my most important moment of the show and I have a rule not to disturb it by holding or focusing on my camera.

This was the last concert of the tour in France and I was aware Mika mentioned it several times but tried to ignore the thought. I can’t handle endings, they make me sad. It’s always hard to know that something is ending and that I can’t be sure what will happen in the future. My husband and I had a long drive after the show and he would have preferred to leave immediately but was kind and waited so I could say good bye to everyone. In the car I fell asleep but he woke me up to see three foxes walking on the side of the road. They all looked cute, young and a bit silly.

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