Festival Carcassonne in France 22/7/2022

The gig in Carcassonne was different than most gigs in ages, there was something extra happening during several songs. Usually fan actions and guests on stage limit 1 or 2 per gig but maybe because of the timing (after the pandemic) or because of the venue there was much more happening during this particular gig and Mika seemed to genuinely enjoy the attention and love he received.

A part of the audience made a red and white heart motive during Origin and got a heart gesture back from Mika and immediately after that we saw stunning colourful lights on people’s mobiles during Tiny Love, also quickly rewarded by appreciative comments, and just a couple of songs later the crowd waved “paper eyes” during Yo-Yo as a reference to the eyes in the Yo-Yo music video that was directed by Mika himself. 

We saw things thrown on stage: we saw different hats, flowers, sun glasses and balloons. A pink hat ended up Mika’s head during Ice Cream, he was wearing flowery sun glasses, he took a rose given from he audience on stage. 

During Underwater people started shouting (by name) the girl who was playing piano in Nimes. Turned out the girl was in the audience and she was quickly behind the piano again. Like one guest wasn’t eventful enough we saw the biggest amount of crowd on stage during Elle Me Dit we have seen in years. The girl who had a sign asking to be there was asked on stage first, then cute Beauregard appeared - again like in Nimes and I was hoping he would be there - and suddenly the stage was full of people. The first guests were asked on stage by Mika, soon no one waited for an invitation and just jumped on stage until the security started to stop people, for a good reason, the stage was full already.

I had a camera in my bag but I didn’t plan to take photos, the big stage didn’t look as bright as the one in Perpignan and I thought my photos wouldn’t be successful. However, after seeing the nice green and pink combination in Mika’s glittery outfit I took a few and added them above. Lovely historical venue before a few more bigger festivals. Summer seems to be over before we even realise. 

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