Faroe Islands Summer Festival in Klaksvik, Faroe Island 8/8/2013

Faroe Islands is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Klaksvik didn’t hit me like Reykjavik did in December but I definitely fell in love with the place and its incredibly beautiful nature. I assumed the Faroe Islands summer festival is the biggest annual event in Klaksvik and seeing the audience was a total surprise to me. Lara, Yulia and I went to see the show and were suddenly surrounded by preteenage children. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Why the venue was full of 9-13 years old kids and not the usual audience meaning people from different age groups?

Then I realized that of course only the kids were there. Their older siblings and parents were working at the festival as young security workers, for media or administration or selling food and party items and the adults with free time were having a beer in the bar tent. That naturally left a huge amount of very excited preteens and a few tourists for Mika. As awkward it sounds and was it was also quite touching. A lot of overexcited kids were pushing and screaming and it was very uncomfortable but you really can’t blame 12 year old kids for being 12.

Obviously I couldn’t focus on the music the way I usually do. Took me a few songs to get used to the audience pushing from every side and it was impossible not to worry about the smallest children the security (probably their uncles, neighbors and older brothers) tried desperately to keep in safe. Some of the teens were or imagined to be old enough to drink and caused small trouble in every five minutes making a group of security guys (again, probably their uncles, neighbors and older brothers) move as a group waving their flashlights which didn’t much help, of course. But again, it was quite sweet and touching to watch the whole community doing security work together – well that’s how it looked – and I was tempted to offer my help with babysitting but it wasn’t my job, I was there to enjoy the music.

I decided to take a lot of photos as I love it and this time there was so much distraction any way that it didn’t add any extra disturbance. I really enjoyed listening to the music and taking photos at the same time and after a few songs I was able to concentrate on the songs better. The security ruined Origin (grouping in front of me to wave their lights) but I was able to properly listen to Underwater and it was absolutely beautiful and suddenly I felt like crying, I was so happy to be there even though the gig was very different than usually. Of all the crazy, cool and amazing things I’ve seen and done this Faroe Islands trip was definitely one of the most special.

Happy Ending was my other favorite with extremely lovely ending and I love the new intros Mika is doing for several of the old songs. He did Emily in English again. The stage was far away and I couldn’t see details well but the band seemed to be in a good mood and I must say once again how much I love the way they play Love Today, it’s just perfect and one of my favourite songs at every gig. A very special trip in every possible way, definitely something to remember for the rest of my life.

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