Fabrique in Milan, Italy 10/6/2015

So pleased I decided to go to this smallish (compared to the other Italian dates) gig at Milan Fabrique. The same awesome, positive stage vibe we experienced earlier in Switzerland, this time at a proper, intimate venue. Many ways a very extreme experience. Pouring rain, little thunderstorms, burning sun, humid heat, huge lack of sleep, crowded queueing and the most screaming and loudest audience I’ve ever seen or heard.

Mika was in a great stage mood. He was chatting, dancing and flirting with the audience, looking confident and sexy making a thousand Italian fans to scream at his flirty dancing. It’s good to see him that comfortable and free to do whatever he likes and he looks good and has a great sense of humor so it’s always a pleasure, entertaining and funny to watch his stage presence and follow his interaction with the audience.

I enjoyed the show fully like I always do in my own, very patterned way, listening to my biggest favourites extremely carefully, dancing and having fun with the most energetic songs and focusing being a part of the audience during the most familiar or fan action songs (this time Talk About You and Good Guys, the audience waving little hearts and stars). We heard the Italian version of Stardust and Any Other World as extra songs, I loved them both and was especially happy to hear Stardust after not hearing it for a long time.

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