Exco Auditorium Theater in Daegu, Korea 14/2/2016

The atmosphere was fantastic and Mika in his top form. This time I was mainly focused on listening. He started with breathtaking Porcelain, My Interpretation and Talk About You and continued with basically the same set list as in Seoul except adding Last Party and leaving Stardust out. Not in exact order after the start: Grace Kelly, Good Wife, Big Girl with a (small) girl from the audience on stage. Boum Boum Boum and Good Guys. Underwater with lovely lights, Staring At The Sun walking in the audience again. Relax starting sharply (no piano intro), Origin, energetic Promiseland, Lollipop with the band around the piano, Happy Ending, EMD, Last Party, We are Golden and Love Today as an encore with confetti rain.

The Korean audience is truly amazing, everyone from the first row to the back of the venue lives along singing, dancing and waving their lollipops and lights. The local fan club plans several fan actions for every show contacting the venue and preparing everything in advance. This time they had instructed mobile lights for a couple of songs and prepared blue paper planes to fly during Happy Ending. It was an absolutely beautiful moment. At the exactly right time the whole audience started to fly their planes and the venue was filled with flying blue paper planes. So incredibly pretty and made Happy Ending even more special than it usually is. Mika smiled and obviously loved the sight and equally beautifully rewarded the audience singing the end of the song without his microphone. Breathtaking. I had tears in my eyes.

After that it didn’t take many notes of Last Party to make me extremely emotional. So sad and beautiful! My seat was very far right so I watched the confetti as an outsider, it didn’t reach my area. When the gig ended I thanked the sweet girl next to me who had prepared planes for me even without asking and the kind young security guy directly in front of me. As soon as he realised he is blocking my tiny view he went down into a very tiring position and stayed in it only stretching his legs time to time. Can’t believe he really did that, tells something about the Korean mentality.

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