El Plaza Condesa in Mexico City, Mexico 24/9/2019

I had looked forward to visiting Mexico City for years and really enjoyed experiencing the concert there, the atmosphere was different than anything I’ve seen. The audience was so exited, so loud. Mika couldn’t walk in the middle of the crowd the way he did in some other cities during the Tiny Tour but he came close to the crowd and took a lot of contact with people, moving a lot around the stage so as many people as possible could see him well.

The queuing was one of the most organised I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many. The security was strict but also super nice to people and made sure that the people who came to the venue first could go in first, even one by one which is extremely rare. Only our entrance was opened and people were let in in a peaceful way. I had to thank the security after the show and tell what a nice experience it was.

The calmness ended as soon as the audience was in. What looked enthusiastic and excited to Mika was squeezing to me and everyone else in the crowd. I used all my strength to keep my front row side place and was relieved to be at the barrier because being in the middle of the people would have been too much for me. Even though I used my muscles, and I’m good at doing that because I’ve had a lot of practice, I still moved from the side towards the center during the gig (obviously not complaining about that). People pushed their way to front, some other people like the guy who was next to me, slipped backwards because of the pressure in the crowd.

Being in the audience wasn’t just dancing and enjoying the music like it often is, the audience was pushing towards Mika, singing loudly, screaming and throwing toys, little sombreros, paper planes and whatever they wanted to give to him on stage. I didn’t mind all that at all. I had already seen the full tour and I enjoyed those lovely venues and new songs, now I just wanted to experience the atmosphere in this country I had never visited before.

During the first three songs the area between the stage and the audience was full of photographers, more than I saw in the US or Canada. In the beginning of the gig people were pushing and the photographers kept moving in front of the audience so it was difficult to focus on the music and I just did my best to keep my spot and took little video snippets using my mobile to have little souvenirs from the gig.

During Big Girl Mika was wearing the blue embroidered sombrero Ana had given to deliver to him before the show. He also came down and climbed near to the audience and picked an enthusiastic lady on stage to dance with him. My favourite song was Blue and I loved it and also filmed it with my mobile which I don’t usually do. I don’t like putting a camera between us during the most important songs. I especially don’t like filming the ending part of Happy Ending, if Mika puts down his microphone it feels wrong to keep our cameras up and I want to be able to fully focus on the song. This time it was the last gig of the tour and I wanted to have Blue to listen to at home so I filmed. The audience took the song really well. It surprised me that almost overly excited crowd focused that way and also liked a song that is so different and difficult.

My another favourite was Happy Ending and it somehow reminded me and made me think of the Happy Endings I saw during the Imaginarium Tour 2010. This song is always a highlight and makes me feel grateful for being there. Mika had a massive flu so Happy Ending was hard for him to sing but the audience was understanding and encouraged him and also sang along loudly. The high energy songs in the end were great and I really enjoyed them. Despite of his cold Mika’s performance had a huge amount of energy. The audience must have given it to him and as this was the last gig of the tour he probably didn’t feel need to save anything at all. 

After the show it took us a long time to get out of the venue and the moment we walk around the corner we saw a big crowd around barriers. It was hard to see from behind the people but no one was standing behind the security near the door so I went there and said thank you to one of them for making the entering so organised. At the same time Mika came out of the door and before he continued his way I had a possibility to say a quick thank you also to him. It made me very happy. This tour was very special and I loved every single show I saw, all of them so one of the kind in their own way.

Mika left after saying hello to people and giving a lot of signatures. I said good bye to Ana and her husband and her parents and friends who were all so kind and friendly to me. At the hotel bar I had a small glass of Mexican wine and guacamole with totopos and it was a good ending for a good day, in this case a good ending for a good tour.

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