Cirque Royal in Brussels, Belgium 3/11/2012

The stage at Cirque Royal looked bigger than stages at the previous gigs and the background had space for some more symbols: A big M, a heart, an apple, a snake and some drugs (symbolising love as a drug). The audience was a bit sleepy at first. The Belgian crowd is known to be enthusiastic and my expectations for the audience were high. This time people warmed up a bit slower but got wilder when the show went on and in the end everything was as crazy as I had imagined in advance. Mika started with his new French song Un Soleil Mal Luné and it was a beautiful start for the show, I loved it. Otherwise the setlist was similar as earlier. Stardust and Underwater were stunning but the audience woke up properly after hearing some high-energy songs like Elle Me Dit and Love Today. The audience waved red and white heart-shaped balloons and it looked fantastic during Drunk and Origin Of Love. Popular was relaxed and entertaining and the song is becoming one of my favourite live songs. Mika wasn’t as chatty as he was in Copenhagen but the more the crowd danced the more he seemed to enjoy the show and he had fun guiding some dance moves and looked touched while watching the hearts.

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