Brooklyn Steel in Brooklyn, US 12&13/9/2019

Tiny Love Tiny Tour started in Brooklyn and Mika came on stage in his gorgeous red suit, ruffle shirt and curls like directly from my gig fantasies. He started with Ice cream and it was like I had always dreamed Ice Cream to be. We had managed to see the set list before the show started and it was full of new songs and I doubted he would perform them all for real. 

However, he did every new and old song from the set list. Not only Ice Cream, Tiny Love, Sanremo and Dear Jealousy but also Blue, Tomorrow and Stay High. Tiny Love was my absolute favourite during the night. It’s hard to tell which one I liked more, Dear Jealousy or Tomorrow. Different topics and styles yet both wonderful live songs. Dear Jealousy has more depth in the lyrics but Tomorrow has a story and really cool vibe in it. Sanremo comes after these two but was still very enjoyable and dreamy. Blue is a beautiful, complicated and difficult song, both to sing and to listen to. It needs thinking and focusing and several listening. “I will always love the blue in you” is a beautiful thought and an incredibly beautiful thing to say to another person. 

I can’t remember if the gig high has ever felt that good. I can’t remember the sweat drops all over my face have ever been that enjoyable. It’s been a while of course and I felt very emotional during the night. For sure Mika sounded and looked fantastic, his stage energy was unbelievable and the band was great and added a lot of details to the songs. I especially loved the drums in Tiny Love (other instruments as well) and for example the new cool things added to Love Today. Because the tour is in the US we heard also songs like Popular which is not one of my favourites but was still great to hear after a long break. From the classics Underwater was my biggest favourite and an extremely emotional version.

Compared to the first show of the tour on Thursday the second Brooklyn night on Friday the 13th was different yet still equally amazing. This tour – small, cozy venues and the whole, somehow pure concept – is a dream come true and it’s hard to find suitable words to describe my exact feelings. On Friday the show was recorded to make a live album. Cameras were filming and the distance between the audience and stage was made a bit bigger to have enough space for them. Recording the show inevitably meant Mika was partly singing to the cameras instead of the audience and there was less contact between him and the crowd. It also meant that during the night he gave all his energy and then some extra and was also careful and detailed with his singing. The cameras felt distracting in the beginning but I got used to them and was eventually so focused on Mika’s performing that after some point I could hardly notice them even though was aware they were there.

The band arrived on stage and the gig started with the intro speech about love, invisible force and energy. Then Ice Cream as the opening song, Jealousy, a couple of older songs and Tiny Love. During the first songs I couldn’t focus the same way I did on the first night so I started to think about the songs, especially Tiny Love, more analytically. After a while it was easier to focus on music. I had several favourites during the night. Blue was extremely beautiful, even breathtaking and Tomorrow was another, huge favourite.

Mika was chatty and talked a lot. He talked about the colour of the sin and I enjoyed Origin also on the second night even more than I usually do. This time the most special classic Mika song was Happy Ending. Amazing performance and the audience went wild and probably wouldn’t have stopped cheering unless made to focus on the next song. Love Today was fresh and super energetic and during the song Mika took an embroidered jacket that the girl next to me offered to him. We Are Golden, Grace Kelly and in the end of the show Tiny Love reprise and a reminder to stay high. 

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