Banchina di San Domenico in Molfetta, Italy 24/6/2016

Mika started his Italian tour in Molfetta near Bari where the venue was particularly unique and pretty. My trip from Helsinki took more than 12 hours with flights, delays and traffic so I loved discovering how special and beautiful the place was. My B&B was right next to the venue and sea so it was all the same area and even my room offered a stunning view. 

The venue was restricted by the sea from one side – fishing boats coming and going – and a big building with a fish market from the other side so the whole place smelled like fish and salty sea, typical for south Italian seaside towns, and I spent the morning taking photos of boats and fishermen and cats who could obviously smell the fish as well. The view was gorgeous during every time of the day sun rising or setting or simply shining making everything look pretty and silvery. The gig was very local meaning only a handful of international fans and I enjoyed meeting so many new people.

There were small technical difficulties in the beginning but I really loved Beautiful Disaster live even the sound wasn’t the best and luckily during Last Party everything went well and for me that alone would have made the inconvenient trip worthwhile. During the song I totally shut out everything else except the singing like I always do so I felt the crowd stopped screaming and singing and kept quiet but not sure if that really happened or if I was simply totally focused on the song. I entertained myself spotting details from several songs and watching Tristan’s rock star posing and enjoyed seeing the giant balloons back and hoped people would let them move in the crowd instead of immediately returning them on stage.

I had looked forward to sharing this unusually special venue with Mika but to be honest I have no idea if he realised how cool it was. He arrived late and left immediately after the show and was probably and according to his tweets upset and distracted by the morning’s political result in the UK. The news made me worried as well but in Molfetta I had no access to news and was too isolated to handle the issue and simply postponed my anxious thoughts as an opposite to Mika who came from Brussels and was that way facing the topic during the day. 

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