Arkea Arena in Bordeaux, France 19/12/2019

In Bordeaux the audience was easier than it was in Dijon and participated since the beginning but it didn’t have much choice either, the start was very sharp. It was easy to see Mika gave his everything on stage and I genuinely had to wonder how it’s even possible, to give that much during every single night of the tour. Big concerts are very demanding that way. During small gigs he can breath while interacting with the audience and it’s easier to add a slower song here and there but big concerts like these are all about energy and keeping the tension and even songs like Tiny Love and Paloma have strong highlights with the piano raising.

There are short introductions to some songs referring to the colors they represent and he does small talks before Elle Me Dit but basically, from the very beginning to the end of show there are energy explosions one after another and some super intense moments (Tiny Love, Paloma, Underwater, Happy Ending) between them. After seeing the first big shows I just admired the whole colorful circus but now – after seeing almost the whole tour and after experiencing how hard the schedule/traveling alone is – I’m starting to understand how demanding it really is, to give all that energy night after night.

Paloma has been my biggest favorite during the tour but in Bordeaux Tiny Love was exceptionally beautiful. It was so beautiful I almost couldn’t breath and the same happens with Underwater each night. Most of the times it’s the intense songs that are the most important to me and that happened in Bordeaux as well. After that come the dancing songs: Platform Ballerinas, Dear Jealousy, Tomorrow. After that the classics and the high energy songs. Depending on my mood or the atmosphere the order can totally change and some nights I feel emotional and nostalgic and want to focus on the classics. The ending scene is equally impressive every single time.

As a colorful detail Mika asked two ladies on stage during Lollipop and the whole situation was very funny. It was a bit of a safety hazard, I had to hold my breath while the other one stood up on the piano and almost fell off but Mika got the both ladies quickly seated and eventually sat and sang with them while Mitch who had run to the piano played and the piano went higher and it was wild but also hilarious and luckily everything went well and the audience (and the ladies!) had fun.

At some point of the gig I couldn’t help but laughing out loud. Mika was singing and doing his dance with Max, Leila, an enthusiastic singer on my left, was singing at the top of her lungs and the guy on the other side was clapping in a crazy way – both of them obviously had a blast – and I thought it’s impossible to watch a Mika show and not to be in a great mood. He has that talent. 

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