Arena la Civitella in Chieti, Italy 30/7/2016

Chieti is small and pretty and the hill where the venue was located offered a beautiful view. The day was extremely hot and waiting for the gig was harder than it usually is. However, after getting in and after the burning sun and pushy crowd everything was peaceful and perfect and the show could start. The stage looked absolutely beautiful. The whole performance looked totally effortles and the setlist was very generous with the Italian favourites, Good Wife, Boum Boum Boum, Kick Ass and even Promiseland. Extremely good setlist indeed.

The band was on fire, Max being funny and Tristan playing Love Today standing like a tree looking confident and keeping his center of mass low like guitarists do and they both were very entertaining and I loved watching them. Mika was talking, talking and talking, asked people on stage during Underwater and was generally as sweet as he can be. Everything looked fantastic and the whole crew seemed to outdo themselves, every detail was high quality. Mika did little changes in many songs, I always love that, and several times used his voice a bit differently than he usually does and I had to  spontaneously repeat “wow” aloud, just for myself.

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