Arena Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 21/11/2019

I had a two day break in Helsinki before traveling to Geneva so I had time to go through my thoughts about the new setting I saw in Pau and Toulouse. The concept for the new Revelation Tour show is totally different than the one for the Tiny Tour and I love the both. Whereas Tiny Tour was intimate, pure and focused on music and that way my favourite style – there was absolutely nothing else than Mika and the band on stage – the Revelation Tour offers a full one man circus show. The musicians are there but I must say I hardly pay attention to them.

The Revelation show is a huge mind-blowing circus and spectacle. It’s the most beautiful rainbow celebration. Literally, the whole stage looks like a rainbow, together with the rainbow curtain the rainbow stage floor is the first thing people see when they step inside of the venue. The colourful outfits are gorgeous, including beautiful white and dotted ruffle shirts. Everything looks beautiful, the setting couldn’t be any better. My favourite thing is the images of Mika’s parents on the background. I can’t get enough of watching the visuality of the show. My favourite new live song show is Paloma. I love the beautiful Elton John style vibe. Mika is playing his pink piano and when he sings fly Paloma the piano goes high.

In Geneva I particularly loved every song that was performed using the piano. It’s a gorgeous show element. I spontaneously kept repeating ”oh” and ”wow”, I couldn’t help it and I couldn’t stop smiling. You take me high on a tiny love. And the piano goes high. We gonna stay high, and again the piano goes high. I sound quite excited but I find the piano a very cool element and it looks really pretty on stage as well. Another song I particularly loved in Geneva was Underwater. It’s such a powerful song. Always beautiful with lights, makes always Mika smile. 

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